Custom Fabrication
  • Tracksides Fabrication department offers solutions for any of our customers’ needs no matter the scope of the project. With the help of our engineering team, we are able to make any idea become a reality. Trackside has tackled a wide variety of projects from large scale architectural projects to one off custom projects. 
General Fabrication
  • Tracksides general fabrication is a large part of our day-to-day operations. These jobs consist of OEM rework and repetitive fabrication tasked projects. Our department utilizes a Bluco modular fixturing table to ensure we are as efficient and accurate as possible. Modular fixturing increases the repeatability of a project and in return decreases the throughput time that a customer’s project is in our shop.
  • Our Fabrication department has the capabilities and capacity to take on any kind of prototyping project. Whether the customer has a prototype needing fabricated or simply an idea, tracksides’ resources can accomplish the task at hand. Our department utilizes modular fixturing and CMM machines to ensure the prototype is exactly what the customer has in mind. Trackside has performed prototyping on everything from vehicle frames to test stands and even custom equipment attachments.
Production fabrication
  • Trackside offers a list of our own products that are designed and manufactured for the public. Currently these products include Rock Boxes/Bedding Boxes and Trench Boxes. Keeping the customer in mind, these products were designed and built to withstand the test of time. Trackside works hand in hand with local construction companies to build the best products possible. Keep an eye out for more products to come.

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